Meet: The Move5000

This mighty device is designed for those who stay in one place but want the flexibility of payments at the counter or around the store. With WiFi and 3G  connectivity, the Move5000 really is a powerful all in one that can connect to a number of POS systems.

Swipe // Tap // Insert

Fast account set up & onboarding

Sign up is fast and simple, with approval within 2 days. Plus, we can onboard you remotely and have you transacting in no time.

Standalone or Integrated

The Move5000 can be used on its own or can be integrated with a number of popular POS systems.

One Mighty Machine

The Move5000 can accept chip, swipe and tap payments and print receipts. All of this, while still being easy to move around your space.

For Pricing

Get in touch for an exclusive rate with the option of Interchange + pricing.

Swipe, Insert or Tap

Accept payments the most common ways that customers choose.

Safe & Secure

The Move5000 is certified, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the system meets stringent security standards.


Perfect for retail, hospitality, and any industry where you need a powerful machine that stays on-site.

Payment Methods


  • Integrates with CVFR Payments Web Portal and mobile app
  • Secure & certified – PCI DSS & PTS and EMVCo
  • Built in printer so you can print receipts at the time of payment
  • 99.9% uptime, so you won’t miss a beat
  • WiFi and 3G connectivity with offline fallback capability
  • Fast settlement in just 1 – 2 business days
  • Easy sign up and remote set up & onboarding
  • Low rates and fees


With countless integrations available, ask us if the Move5000 can connect to your system.